Our Newest Limited-Edition

StarTech 2023

Once again have our idea and efforts been recognized by the StarTech program! The StarTech program is funded by Philip Morris International, conducted by NALED, and backed up by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. We are one of the winners in the group for developing innovative ideas, which earned us additional 25.000$ that we will use to further […]

SPLET Tech Conference 2023

Team Bifrost was one of the exhibitors on the SPLET Tech Conference 2023 held in October 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference had more than 2500 visitors and more than 100 speakers.

Biotech Future Forum

Team Bifrost was invited to the Biotech Future Forum held in October 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia. The Conference is organized in cooperation with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and with the support of BIO4 Campus.

Balkans Circularity Demo Day

Team Bifrost was selected to present their pitch on the Balkans Circularity Demo Day, held in December 2023 in Skopje, North Macedonia. The Circularity Demo Day is a one-day event where selected circular startups from the Western Balkan region will pitch in front of an international panel of experts and investors. The event provides hands-on […]

Nova Ekonomija Media Coverage

Nova Ekonomija, the largest monthly magazine about economics has published an interview with our co founder Ana Trifković. You can read the whole interview (in Serbian) on their website.

Blic Business Media Coverage

The largest online medium in Serbia blic.rs has published a post about Bifrost Bioplastics. Check it out on their website (in Serbian).

All for All Leadership Summit 2023

2023 was a busy year for team Bifrost. In November 2023 we were selected as one of the participants of the All for All Leadership Summit 2023 – Fem Health-Tech Soirée. The goal of the Summit was promotion of STEAM among girls and women in order to have their proportional representation in the jobs of the future. […]

Invitation to a public consultation regarding BIFROST HEMP “ОКИ” POT project

Bifrost would like to invite you to a public consultation regarding our projectBIFROST HEMP “ОКИ” POT which will be held on 13th of January 2024, at 11:00 AM. The topics of the public consultation will include the project goals, the intendedexecution plan, and its environmental and social acceptability. The meeting willprovide an opportunity for the participants […]

Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator

Some more great news to start the Summer! Team Bifrost has been selected as one of the startups that will be supported by Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator program. We have been granted funding of 5.000 EUR to spend on the development of our business, and what is more important, are eligible for the part 2 of the […]

D Inkubator

Team Bifrost has been selected as one of 4 participants of D Inkubator, an enterprise incubator organized by Delta Holding. We will attend this program from July till October, when all four teams will pitch their ideas, and one team will be selected for the main prize – Investment from Delta Holding. Nevertheless, this program […]

LCA Study

In June, we had a workshop organized by the Climate-KIC program we attended about a tool called Impact Forecast. We used this tool to calculate the impact our product has on the environment. And the results are.. Stunning! Take a look yourself. The conclusion is that 5 tons of our material absorb around 15 tons […]

StarTech 2022: the second open call

The StarTech program of supporting digital transformation of small and medium enterprises is a part of a triannual project to promote innovation and digital transformation in Serbia, which is conducted by NALED with the support of the company Philip Morris. The goal of the project is accelerating the growth of Serbian companies, and transforming the […]

OTP Generator Zero

Our idea has been recognized by yet another major institution! Generator Zero is an annual startup competition held by OTP Bank Serbia, which goal is to identify and boost solutions that will decrease the carbon footprint the society has on the environment. This year’s winners is the company B-FRESH Technologies which product is a bio-polymer […]

Digital summit western balkans 2021

Bifrost at the WBDS

As winners of the Balkathon 2.0 held in May 2021, we were one of the presenters during the Western Balkans Digital Summit, held in Podgorica, Montenegro from 11th – 13th of October 2021. This Summit brought together high-level representatives of the Governments from the Western Balkan economies, the European Commission (EC), the Regional Cooperation Council […]


Bifrost startech

We have secured our second funding! Our idea and effort were recognized by the StarTech program, which is funded by Philip Morris International, conducted by NALED, and backed up by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. We are one of the winners in the group for developing innovative ideas, which earned us additional 25.000$ that we will […]

Our workshop

bifrost workshop

The month of August was very busy for our team. Besides our regular work, that’s when we built our workshop in Jagodina from scratch and there we will install our machines and create our first product. Aaand, it turned out great! Here are some photos:

Balkathon 2.0

Team Bifrost is the winner of the regional competition Balkaton 2.0 Balkathon is an online, regional competition organized by Regional Cooperation Council for best solutions in the following categories: Smart Cities, E-Health, Green Cities and E-enterpreneur. 90 teams from all around western Balkans have participated, with 37 teams passing into the final round.The Bifrost team, […]