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A Few Words About Us

Our first product

After harvesting our first crops, and building our workshop, we managed to create our first product, a single use fully recyclable plate, made from 100% bio materials.

Next challenge that lies in front of us is optimization and certification of our product. You can read more about it in our News page.

Here in the video you can see how our product looks like fresh from the press, and after it started to decompose.

Nenad Jovanovski
Nenad Jovanovski


From nature

We harvest industrial hemp from our local fields

With nature

We use only 100% natural components to create our material

For nature

Our products are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment

What makes us different

All the current global competitors of Bifrost use expensive machines and processes for bioplastic creation, which leads to higher product prices. Thanks to our own machine design, Bifrost offers the same quality product for up to 60% lower price. Bifrost’s goal is to create a product that uses all the potential that hemp contains, which will lower production costs and create a completely green plastic alternative.