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Vision: To be the leading supplier of sustainable biodegradable biomaterial made from industrial hemp, helping to reduce plastic pollution and carbon footprint globally.

Mission: To provide innovative, eco-friendly, and affordable plastic alternatives made from 100% natural materials, leveraging industrial hemp’s unique properties, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Overall, Bifrost core values appear to be centered around:


Sustainability: Focusing on long-term, environmentally, socially responsible practices and resource efficiency. 


Integrity: Acting with honesty and ethical principles in all interactions.

Respect: Treating others with dignity, empathy, and appreciation.

The whole team is a group of Scouts and, first of all, friends. The year 2014 brought heavy floods in Serbia where the Scouting Movement of Serbia took an active role in daily volunteer work and rescue, followed by the Refugee crisis in 2015 where we took care of camps and warm meals on Refugee relief. This firmly united this group together as a team, led by Nenad. After that, we have been involved together in delivering numerous projects, from taking care of the wild landfills dumps around Serbia to coordinating the biggest Scout gathering in Serbia for more than 800 children and participants from 12 countries in 2018. All logistics and programs for this 10-day gathering were planned and executed by the members of a Bifrost team.  Next to the enthusiasm drive, now we are professionally connected daily by working together on Bifrost projects and many more ventures that aim to educate and empower youth.  The idea of developing this unique Hemp material was born during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, where Bifrost team members were working on 3D printing protective shields for medical workers. This has motivated us to create material that can be used similarly with a much smaller impact on the environment.

The Bifrost Bioplastic Family

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Nenad Jovanovski

Nenad Jovanovski


Project manager in various nonprofit organizations with a formal education background in agriculture studies

Luka Ćebedžić

Luka Ćebedžić


Mechanical engineer with experience in designing establishing and maintaining production lines for multiple large companies

Ana Trifković

Ana Trifković

Business development

With a former startup development experience and energy engineering study background

Mladen Stanković

Mladen Stanković

Software & finances

Software development team lead with a proven track record for delivering products tailored to the needs of the consumers

Nikola Jovanovski

Nikola Jovanovski


Procurement manager for one of the largest cable producers in Eastern Europe - FKS Kablovi

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