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Hemp ОКИ cup

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What is our Hemp ОКИ cup?

Our Hemp ОКИ cups are made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable material which will degrade automatically over time into fertilizers.
Our Hemp ОКИ cups transplant the plants without moving the roots which can reduce the transplant shock and grow healthier.
Our ОКИ cups are designed to be used with plants of all types, vegetable to herb.


Our Hemp ОКИ cups are the perfect seed starter kit to encourage germination and successful growth. These ОКИ cups are round with a 3” diameter where you can plant your seedlings to sprout. Once sprouted, simply place the entire pot and sapling into the grounds. Hemp ОКИ cups are particularly suitable for cultivating various seedlings of plants, vegetables, or fruits.
Biodegradable Material
Our Hemp ОКИ cups are made of biodegradable material based on industrial hemp, which is natural, sustainably grown and biodegradable. The material naturally breaks down making the biodegradable ОКИ cups one of the most environment-friendly plant vessels available and absolutely safe to plant directly into the earth. Great for organic planters using compost and compostable medium for rapid growth.

Prevent Transplant Shock

When seeds germinate. Just transplant the whole ОКИ cups directly into the ground or larger plant ОКИ cups. These are great for transplanting plants without causing root circulation or harm and integrate with soil to improve the ecological environment around the roots of the seedlings. The roots of the seedlings are also easy to extend out of the pot body to facilitate the growth of the seedlings.

Easy to Use – Feeding the plant

Seeds can be cultured indoors and outdoors. Just grow your seedlings, and then plant them in your yard or garden without removing them from the ОКИ cups. ОКИ cups are made from hemp so they are rich in nitrogen and will feed the plant. Also, ОКИ cups will degrade automatically over time into fertilizers. Please keep your seeds moist, but don’t over-water them.

Widely Use

Great for transplanting, ОКИ cups work for many different types of flowers, herbs and fruits. Everything from tomatoes, squash and cucumbers to basil, chives, daffodils and tulips can be started in the Hemp ОКИ cups.


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